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Adjuvant Chemotherapy

Adjuvant chemotherapy is a special form of treating cancer where the doctors suspect that cancer may have spread to other parts of the body. This mode of treatment is useful when you are suffering from breast cancer, testicular cancer, ovarian cancer and other types of cancers. As the size of the cells is very small it becomes very difficult to detect these cancer cells. It has also been found that many times the doctor diagnoses a particular area where cancer cells are present as they are visible but then there are chances that some may be hidden so to remove such possibilities adjuvant chemotherapy is used.

Post Surgical Detection:

After the removal of the infected part of the cancerous cells, you need to go in for a few tests to find that there are no cancerous cells present in the body. Though many a times test reports show negative, it simply means that they were not able to detect cancer cells as the size of these cells are very minute they may be hidden from the microscope. Does this mean that in spite of undergoing surgery to remove the tumor you are still vulnerable to an attack of hidden cancer cells? Well, not all are at a risk from these hidden cancer cells, especially those who have received a treatment of adjuvant chemotherapy.

Post Surgical Treatment:

Doctor’s advice people they suspect to have hidden cancer cells to undergo adjuvant chemotherapy. It is believed that the drugs that are used in adjuvant chemotherapy destroy even the minutest cancerous cell present in the body. If the doctor suspects the presence of these hidden cancer cells he will administer first-line drugs, in case this treatment fails then he will proceed to the second line or mode of treatment. But even if this mode of treatment fails then there is very little the doctor can do to help cure you of this disease. It has been found that people suffering from breast cancers, bowel cancer, prostate cancer etc are more likely to fail in this kind of treatment i.e. adjuvant chemotherapy. It has been found that this method of treating cancer has benefited patients who have undergone bone marrow transplantation.

It has been noticed that after undergoing adjuvant chemotherapy the patient is almost fully normal and suffers from common ailments like cold, cough, back pains etc that are very common ailments suffered by a normal human being. But then if the problem still persists after taking medications then there are chances that cancer has again raised its ugly head. Adjuvant chemotherapy does not guarantee that cancerous cells will not attack the body, but then it has been found that many patients who have undergone adjuvant chemotherapy have truly benefited by this mode of treatment as they have seen an increase in lifespan of these patients without taking the side effects into consideration. There are side effects in all the modes of treatments not only those that are related to cancer but even those that are not related to cancer.