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Breast Cancer Chemotherapy

Thousands of breast cancer cases have been detected in the United States alone. Though surprising, men can also be diagnosed with breast cancer. You can be diagnosed with breast cancer if an abnormal lump is found in the breast; this can is also seen in the mammogram.

Breast cancer is due to genetic and hormonal changes in the body. There are specific characteristics or traits that tell you as to which type of cancer you are suffering from and the extent that the cancer has spread. Depending on this the doctors take a decision on the mode of treatment.

Beginning of cancer

The first sign of cancer is the formation of a lump in the breast, though in rare cases the patient complains of pain. There are other features like the shape and the size of the breast also change, thickening of breast tissues etc. There are continuous generations of cells in the body; cancer starts in the cells that help build up the tissues in the body, but in case of cancer they do not die and new cells keep generating. This abnormal generation of cells leads to form a mass or lump of tissues called a tumor.

Are all tumors malignant or what?

NO, not all tumors are malignant.

Benign Tumors

Benign tumors are those that can be easily removed from the body. They are not life-threatening. In the case of benign tumors, the cells do not spread to other parts of the body.

Malignant Tumors

This kind of tumors there is the danger to life as the cells spread to other parts of the body. In spite of removing the tumor, there are the chances of re-growth that can damage the vital organs of the body. This way of spreading is called metastasis. It has been found that breast cancer can spread to the bones, brain, liver, and lungs.

Chemotherapy a good chance to survive: Anticancer drugs are administered to kill the cancer cells. Here a combination of drugs is used. Anticancer drugs can be given in injection form or in pill form. Treatment can be at home or even at your doctor’s office.

Modes of treatment

Hormone therapy, surgery, biological therapy, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy are the other modes of treating breast cancer.

Local therapy

Surgery and radiation therapy are the most important method by which the cancer cells are destroyed. This therapy helps to control the area where cancer has spread.

Systemic therapy

Hormone therapy, chemotherapy, and biological therapy are the mode of treatment. The tumor is shrunk before radiation therapy followed by chemotherapy and other hormone therapies.

Chemotherapy drugs to treat breast cancer: A combination of more than three drugs are used. Most commonly used drugs are Mitozantrone, Doxorubicin, Mitomycin, Docetaxel etc. Treatment is in 4-8 cycles.0000

Side Effects

Healthy cells are destroyed. The most common side effects seen are a loss of hair, uneasy feeling, irregular periods, etc. These side effects are short termed and ones the treatment is complete the body regains all the strength and vitality. Ability to become pregnant is lost and there have been cases where the patient suffers from mood swings.