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Chemotherapy Regimen

A combination of drugs is used to treat cancer and this combination of drugs is known as chemotherapy regimen. The word Induction regimen is used for those patients who are undergoing chemotherapy regimen for the first time.

In this chemotherapy regimen, there is all the necessary information about the administration of the combination drugs and the side effects after the regimen. Most of the time chemotherapy drugs are administered with other combination drugs and sometimes without the combination of other drugs. There are a number of chemotherapy regimens that are listed on various cancer-related internet sites. Given below are some chemotherapy regimen drugs:

To treat Hodgkin’s lymphoma which is also called as ABVD a combination of drugs like bleomycin Adriamycin and dacarbazine vinblastine is used in the chemotherapy regimen.

Chemotherapy regimen for treating Breast Cancer is known as AC and the combination drugs used is cyclophosphamide Adriamycin.

Yet another Hodgkin’s lymphoma is known as BEACOPP which uses a combination of more than three drugs like prednisone, vincristine (Oncovin), Bleomycin, etoposide, doxorubicin (Adriamycin).

Breast cancer treatment using a combination of Adriamycin, Cyclophosphamide, and fluorouracil is also known as CAF.

Chemotherapy regimen for treating tumors of germ cells using a combination of three drugs is called etoposide, platinum agent and Bleomycin in short BEP.

Chemotherapy regimen to help treat cancer of the lungs is done with the help of 3anti-cancer drugs like Adriamycin, vincristine, and Cyclophosphamide. CAV in short.

A combination of three drugs are used in chemotherapy regimen for treating lymphoma and the drugs are carmustine, VP-16, and Cyclophosphamide better known as BCNU.

To treat Hodgkin’s lymphoma combination of drugs used are ChIVPP/EVA.

Chemotherapy regimen to treat Non-Hodgkin lymphoma is known as CHOP.

Patients suffering from cancer and who are also suffering from cancer especially Non-Hodgkin lymphoma uses a combination of three drugs called COP or it is also called as CVP.

Each and every part of the body that is suffering from the various kinds of cancer can be treated with a combination of three or more drugs. The effectiveness of these drugs all depend upon the part of the body from where cancer originates is the first thing to note about cancer, the extent to which it has spread into the body etc. Each and every person has a different body constituent as the chemotherapy drug that is administered into the body and the effectiveness of the drug all depends upon the body itself.

Many combination drugs are used in chemotherapy regimen where the name of the drug and the side effects that are associated with that particular cancer has proved to be helpful. There are 100’s of different types of cancer and about 50 anti-cancer drugs to help fight this dreadful disease. Chemotherapy being the most preferred option as it not only helps shrink the tumor but also helps to reduce the pain associated with cancer. Though chemotherapy helps to destroy cancer cells a number of healthy cells also get destroyed. Side effects are there in all the methods of chemotherapy. You need to know all about the side effects before going in for chemotherapy.